Baguette recipe by Breadmania

Recipe: Baguette from the Breadmania group

We are happy to be friends with the Breadmania group on Facebook. So many great recipes and knowhow.

At Breadmania , passionate bread bakers meet and share their passion with great depth. The result is unique creations and perfect classics. Like the recipe here, which Kerstin Schlegel from Breadmania has allowed us to publish. She kneads with a Bernardi Miss Baker Pro.

Baguette Signature #24 à la Kelienea by Breadmania


Autolysis 2-3 hrs. at 4 degrees (optionally 30 min. are sufficient)
380 g T65
20 g Ruch flour (alternatively 1050 wheat flour)
265 g water cold (if necessary 10 - 30 g more water, depending on the water absorption of the flour)
3 g bean flour
20 g Licoli wheat sourdough (TA 180)

Main dough (7 minutes on speed 1-2, 3 minutes on speed 3, 5 minutes on speed 4-5) - smooth, elastic, separates from the edge of the bowl).
688 g autolysis
9.3 to 9.5 g salt
1.3 g fresh yeast
Bulk/stick proofing (variable)
2.5 hrs. at room temperature - 3 x S/F every 45 min. (close to doubling)
then 12-18 hrs. in the fridge at 4-5 degrees
or alternatively: let start at room temperature for 1 hr - 2 x S/F every 45 minutes, then 36 to 48 hrs. refrigerator at 4-5 deg.

1 hr. acclimatize (dough has just about tripled in size after this - small bubbles) P.S. If it has tripled in size before, no acclimatization required, then shape directly) Dough temperature approx. 17 deg.

Weighing (dough insert suitable for household oven)
3 dough pieces à 232 g

Processing 1) cylinder (20 - 30 minutes intermediate proofing / bench)

Refurbish 2) Final Shape see Video

Piece proofing in linen/proof: 45-60 minutes (dough temperature at the beginning about 19 - 21 degrees).

Cutting in: Parallel overlapping 3 or 5 cuts at an oblique angle.
Bake 22 minutes at 240 degrees O/U - steam vigorously, deflate after 15 minutes. Last 5 minutes hot air 220 degrees.