Pimp your pizza dough

Special doughs #4: Pimp your pizza dough

Are you a big pizza fan and want to experiment with your dough? We have three ideas.

Special doughs #3: Pimp your dough 

The love of pizza and the joy of experimenting with this versatile dish unites us all. But sometimes, you want to try something new and are looking for an idea on how to bring a little change into your food with little things. You have to try these ideas for a different pizza dough. 

Pizza dough with beer 

Replacing some or all of the water in your pizza dough with beer will give it a heartier taste. It's up to you whether you prefer malt beer, wheat beer or Pilsner.  

Pizza dough with semola 

If you replace up to 20% of your flour with Italian semola, i.e. fine semolina, your dough will be crispier than usual. Give it a try and enjoy the first bite. 

Pizza dough with olive oil 

You can achieve exactly the opposite by adding olive oil to your pizza dough. It makes the dough softer and smoother.